Why the “Wheel of Life” Exercise Is So Effective

It’s a Herculean task to get all aspects of your life in check. Most people spend all their effort and time on one aspect and the other aspects are left to fate. For example, many spend all their time on work while family and health are suffering. There is a need to strike a life balance and one way to do this is through a wheel of life.

The “Wheel of Life” is a tool that has existed for more than a thousand years. It’s a tool that most life coaches use to help their clients balance out their lives. Basically, it’s in the form of a pie chart with each aspect of your life denoted in a fraction. You then make a self-assessment and identify the areas of your life that are more dominant than others.

How Effective Is It?

This tool is used to identify the things we need to be doing when we sense that our lives are out of balance. For example, the wheel may show us that we are directing all our effort on work and neglecting fun and recreation. With the wheel, one can set effective goals because it enables one to set balanced goals

Why is it effective?

The key in life coaching is to ensure that one achieves their purpose and goal in life. It could be to attain the goals that one has set, achieve success, enjoy happiness and content or to thrive in life. With a wheel of life, one is able to ensure their life is balanced. This means that all needs or aspects in life are fulfilled in the ideal way. When one aspect starts receiving too much attention and other aspects are neglected, the wheel becomes out of balance. This is a sign that our life might crash and it thus calls for balance.

The wheel is also an effective tool in identifying the aspects in life that are most important. Success in any aspect demands that we give it our all. When our effort is scattered or directed in different channels, we get nowhere. With the wheel of life, we can identify that aspect that requires our effort so that we can succeed.

In conclusion, if your life is to be balanced, you have to give wholeness all the focus and make it your goal. ‘Whole’ doesn’t necessarily mean “physical health” as it is beyond the body health. It also encompasses the spirit, mind and psyche and helps strike a harmony in their existence.

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