Why Finding True Happiness is Really Possible

The search for happiness has been viewed as the equivalent of chasing a mirage. This is because we’ve grown up associating happiness with feeling good and we all know it’s not possible to feel good at all times. All this explains why happiness has seemed elusive all this long. What most don’t know is that it is possible to find true happiness only that we’ve been looking for it in the wrong place. Here is what we have to overcome before we can find true happiness:

Learn to overcome fear

True happiness won’t come without change. The thing is, most people fear change. People fear change because they fear the unknown, failure, backlash from others or even the risk on their security blanket such as a monthly salary. Fear thus causes people to remain in situations that they are not happy about but can’t avoid because they fear change. To achieve true happiness, we have to sum up our courage and get out of our comfort zones. There’s no use regretting when you are on your deathbed on ventures you wished you embarked on.


In the modern culture, there is an obsession with high self-esteem and those that have it are thought to be healthy and happy. However, having a high self-esteem comes at a price. The problem is, when our self-esteem takes a dip, there are negative feelings that ensue and this may lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. In order to avoid this trap, we need to develop self-compassion. This involves seeing yourself realistically or vulnerably like the next guy. The emotions that follow self-compassion are not as volatile since they are rooted in intrinsic self-worth.


Most are people are trapped in seeking posh cars, mansions or vacations in the hope that these will lead to happiness. What they don’t know is that these are only temporary fixes. Happiness is found on the inside. And it’s not based on materialism. Instead, it is created and maintained in having good relationships, making loving memories and having positive experiences. Happiness from material things is short-lived.

Postponing happiness

Some people are of the opinion that happiness will come when they achieve a certain goal. This may be when they graduate, when they start living on their own or when they get married. They postpone their happiness until a future event when all is right. The thing is, that time never comes. Don’t get caught up in the future. Focus on today for that’s where the precious moments are.

Happiness is achievable in all of us. We have to keep working towards it in the enlisted ways and we will truly have it.

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