5 Benefits of Working With A Career Coach

Over the course of one's life, there are many twists and turns to a career. You could be fresh out of college with many prospects ahead of you. Or your career may have hit a slump and there’s not much going on. Whether you’re doing well or you need some help, you can benefit from career coaching.

With the help of a certified professional coach, you could finally learn to enjoy your current job, achieve new heights, or even make a career change if necessary. So what is a career coach? A career coach is a professional who guides you in making informed decisions that concern your career development and trajectory. They help you come up with steps that will guide you in achieving your career goals.

Here are five benefits of working with a career coach:

Establish what you want professionally

You may be aware of what you want to achieve in your profession. On the the other hand, you may feel your career has plateaued. Either way, a career coach can guide you in formulating career goals that are both clear and concise. They can also assist you with specific action plans focused on achieving them. While working with a career coach, you meet regularly, having the ability to track the progress you are making in achieving your goals. You will focus on those things that seem to be working and make strategic adjustments where necessary.


Many professionals in the workplace have to present a detailed report of their progress on their goals. This can cause you to work tirelessly, especially if you are trying to get that next promotion. With the right career coach coming alongside you as an accountability partner, you receive additional guidance on the right steps to take. In addition, he/she can help you clearly-define what you want to achieve in your career in the first place.

A balanced perspective

It goes without saying that input from family and friends is often biased. If you want to figure out the road map to your professional life, having unbiased input will nudge you in the right direction. Since a career coach is there to guide you in achieving your professional goals, he/she will either confirm what others have been telling you or guide you on a completely different path based on your input.

The focus is on you

When you consider all facets of your life, like me, you probably have many hats to wear: A husband, wife, parent, workplace professional, mentor, leader, etc. However, when you make the decision to invest in career coaching, the spotlight is on you, and what you desire in your professional career. At the end of the day, your coaching sessions will focus on you, as your career coach supports you and guides you toward the things required of you to achieve your career goals.

Fast progress

It’s important we remain patient after setting professional goals. However, when you partner with a career coach with a solid plan, you have the potential to experience progress more quickly. For example, you are able to cut down on the time that you would have spent figuring things out on your own, since a career coach will help you develop and implement specific steps toward achieving your career goals.

If you are tired of a flat career, or a career that is growing at a snail’s pace, hiring a certified professional coach will help you achieve this and more.

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